Residential Properties in South Mumbai

Aplite Group is dedicated to creating a living experience that elevates the lives of our clients. Our customized living spaces are designed to support the desires and aspirations of clients. With each project, we strive to establish new standards along with innovation and exceptional quality into every project.

At Aplite, we offer more than just real estate, we provide a future full of potential outcomes. We are committed to delivering unmatched incentives for your investments without compromising on quality or style. Timely delivery, luxury and customer satisfaction are our top priority as we aim to be the most reliable and trust-worthy partner in the home-buying journey.


Aplite Group’s foundation is laid upon 3 core principles:

  • Client driven approach: we are centered around client driven greatness and focus on delivering memorable experiences through informed decisions and strategic planning
  • Integrity: we believe in maintaining professional integrity, moral norms and open correspondence in all associations with clients.
  • Quality and Significance: we expect to set a standard for the industry by achieving excellence through quality, innovation, and customer service.

Our completed residential projects :

  • Aplite Greenstone D, CSMT, Fort
  • Aplite Greenstone E & F, CSMT, Fort
  • Aplite Greenstone C, CSMT, Fort

Some of our upcoming project are:

  • Aplite Zahra, Almeida Park, Bandra
  • Aplite Greenstone B, CSMT, Fort
  • Aplite Greenstone I, CSMT, Fort

Aplite Group offers luxurious properties for sale in South Mumbai, with projects such as Aplite Greenstone D and Aplite Greenstone E & F in CSMT, Fort. We also have on-going under-construction projects like Aplite Sapphire in Grant Road and Aplite Greenstone I in CSMT, Fort. Our properties stand out for their prime locations and meticulous attention to detail, catering to client needs while considering environmental impact. We aim to deliver timeless elegance and the art of luxury living through utilization of resources through the use of energy efficient technologies and creative craftsmanship.

Our team of professionals include highly qualified architects, consultants and contractors to assure that you’re in good hands. Every project is created with innovation and precision to detail engineered by our professional team.


  1. What are some things to keep in mind before buying a property in Mumbai?
    Some of the important things to keep in mind before buying a property in Mumbai are your financial status, quality of the property construction, neighborhood, and reputation of the builders.
  2. Are there extra charges associated with buying property in Mumbai?
    There can be some extra charges like stamp duty, registration fee or other taxes while buying property in Mumbai.
  3. What are the property taxes and maintenance charges in Mumbai?
    Property taxes and other charges are dependent on certain factors like the location, size, amenities included in the property and also the local governing authority’s regulations.
  4. Is the real estate market in Mumbai good for investment?
    The Mumbai real estate market has shown higher returns in the real estate industry and is growing due to rising demand for residential and commercial properties.
  5. What is the big risk associated with buying property in Mumbai?
    Buying property can be risky as investing in real estate is lucrative. The big risks include tenant problems, negative cash flows, low sales etc.

Born in the heart of South Mumbai, Aplite Group has elevated from crafting unique residences to setting new standards in luxury living.


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